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"Everyone knows that moving is difficult, but the silver lining is encountering great kindness from the people you need to help you. That was the case with Clean Out Your House.  Two bright, engaging young men came to do the job, Hakim and A.J., who happen to be cousins.

They cheerfully schlepped and carried everything I could throw at them for the better part of a day, and at the end swept out the garage, the shed, and every place in the house where they had worked. When I expressed surprise at their leaving these areas "broom clean," one of them replied," We've learned from our work that this is an emotional time, so we like to make it a little bit easier."

Hakim and A.J. left me not only with a cleaned-out house, but also with a smile on my face and a warm heart. I can't recommend them with higher praise."

Carolyn Brookline, MA

Incredibly quick, sensitive, polite, and hard working! I could not say enough about the 2 men who cleaned the attic and cellar.  They even swept the cellar when they were done. I really like the fact that some of the items are donated to charity. Linden Ponds recommended this place and they were spot on! This will make my move a cinch after having lived in this house for 67 years! I could not express my gratitude to such a wonderful company!

Lily Boston, MA

“Your crew was absolutely fantastic. They could not have been more helpful and accommodating. I recently hurt my back and was having great difficulty getting around and I want you to know that they went above and beyond what I would ever have expected. That was my second great experience with your company and I can’t thank you enough for helping to make a miserable experience (the estate sale of my mom’s house) a bit less awful.”

Amy Newton, MA

“Thank you for the fine men you sent over to help clean out Mom's place. They were prefect gentlemen and had a great sense of humor filled with respect and kindness.”

Renee Cambridge, MA

“Thank you, COYH! I want to praise your crew. They called me when they were delayed at the dump and gave me a new ETA.  They did not complain about a ghastly parking setup, and they were as efficient and courteous as if they were attending to a queen's home cleanout.  Altogether, they seemed mature far beyond their years. Recently I have had a lot of opportunity to compare work crews.  Yours ranks very high.”

Carolyn Boston, MA

“It was a real relief to have this done so efficiently just as I was getting the entire house ready to put on the market within a few days from now.  The crew members from COYH were very efficient and good hearted.”

Elizabeth Arlington, MA

“We could not have made the closing date without your company. Thanks to you and all your staff for getting us through the cleanup”

Sheila Waltham, MA